South Sides Shoe Line

In addition to the music, I wanted to expand my brand. Although simple, fashion plays in a part of my music as well. Not big on designer names like Gucci, Balenciaga, etc…why not come with my own designer product that represents me, as a sign of independence? Only made sense, since most people look at the footwork, so, I’ve decided to come with my own shoe…in 2017, the “$outh $ides” were only just a name in the line in a few of my songs…finally have come to fruition! Linked up with a company, based in Italy, I had the opportunity to bring my vision to life. Handcrafted in & imported from Italy, made with the finest of pristine leather and / or suede, (leather real soft!), with a very solid build. My $outh $ides also come in a Collector’s Edition box, that will add extra value to your already exclusive, custom shoes. They come in Low and High Tops, nice colors to choose from. But don’t take my word for it…see for yourself at 50411533_10218500903780467_127937605344952320_o47574717_10156869021119350_4060551923764297728_o49403633_10218316995982887_6662868201774252032_n20190125_190811